King’s High School is an institution known and recognized not only within Lagos State but Nation - wide for academic excellence and discipline. Unlike most private schools, King’s High School, Satellite Town, Lagos permits and embraces the existence and operation of Parent-Teacher Association(PTA). It is a complete institution of learning, and apart from total academic work, socials, culture and sports are not left out.. It could be proudly said that any parent who values TOTAL KNOWLEDGE for his or her child should not bother to try or test anywhere else but enroll his/her child in King’s High School, Satellite Town, Lagos. You will be wholly satisfied you did.

~ Deacon Okedele A. O.
PTA - Chairman

From my personal experience, I would say without hesitation that every parent should allow their child to attend Kings High School. Esom Goodness is prepared for university and the rest of his life. KHS is truly an exceptional experience for any child, one which they will never forget.

I am grateful to every member of KHS tutors team for their efforts in Onyinye's upbringing. Thanks to strict discipline students learn to manage how to spend their time useful and productively. Your caring and patient staff team ensured my daughter was never alone, puzzled with difficult home task or health problem. The activities Kings High School provided allowed my daughter to increase her self-confidence and develop her skills. She learned valuable lessons studying here that I am confident will help her succeed in the future. I readily offer KHS education to those parents, whose child is eager to make his best in Canadian studentship.

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