King’s Highs School, Satellite Town, Lagos 1stTerm 2019/2020 Newsletter, December, 2019.

Dear Parent/Guardian, We cannot but thank God for yet another successful term. We also thank you for your patronage and support while pleading for your understanding in areas where, as humans, we did not fully meet your expectations.

Academic Matters

We have worked hard in teaching and learning this term. We are optimistic that students who are committed to their studies will have praise-worthy academic results.

Saturday and early morning lessons for JS3 and SS3 took place this term and will continue until they start their external examinations. These efforts are to ensure that they finish their syllabi and sustain the excellent academic records of the school in external examinations.

The WAEC-SSCE registration for SS3 is ongoing and may last until Christmas as is apparent. SS3 students are, consequently, advised not to travel far this December as they may be asked anytime to report to the school for any of the registration stages.


The issue of some errant students bringing mobile phones to the school is still a persistent problem. Unfortunately, some of the parents are accomplices with their children in the perpetration of this offence. We desire to reiterate here that bringing mobile phones to school by students is illegal, and when this law is contravened, the relevant laws of the school will apply.

Fighting of any sort, within and outside the school, is seriously discountenanced, and attracts outright suspension from the school, or even dismissal. Parents should, please, talk seriously to their children. A few students were suspended this term for similar offences, and one was outrightly expelled for exhibiting some criminal tendencies.

School fees

The school fees remain the same, but the costs of some programmes such as the inter-house sports, school magazine and others have been added to the school fees for the Second Term.

JS3 and SS3 students are to pay up the balances of their school fees for this 2019/2020 session in the Second Term so that they will be debt and distraction-free as they write their exams early in the Third Term.

The proprietor of the school has gradually been working on the school to make its environment one of the best among the schools in Satellite Town. Funds are required for this and have been a hitch. We desire that parents promptly pay school fees to help achieve this dream and this must be done within two weeks after resumption. The account number for school fees is Zenith Bank account number 1015572489 with Career Development Centre Ltd as the account name.

The P.T.A levy remains N1000 and is paid into the Polaris Bank Account 1770875864

School Results on the Website

From this term onwards, the school’s termly results can be accessed and downloaded from the school’s website. Those who have fully paid their school fees will be given a password by which to access and download their results.

The Retirement of the Principal

Mr. J.O Olatoye, the former Principal, has retired from the school. He was sent off on the 12th of December, 2019.

Resumption Date

The school resumes for the second term on the 6th of January, 2020. The boarders are to resume on the 5th of January, 2020.

~ Iwuagwu, A.C
Ag. Principal